Red Light Walking Tour
There are many companies and people offering walking tours through the Red Light District in Amsterdam. Some are good, most are terrible and will tell you lies beyond believe. Therefore I would like to recommend one tour that does offer absolute 100% true information, which is from the Prostitution Information Centre (PIC)

PIC tours are every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 17.00. 
There's no need to make any reservations, you can sign up at the PIC
Tours are €17,50 per person and really worth the money.

Besides tours the PIC gives out information about sex work in The Netherlands, and is a place where you can sit down and have a drink or something to eat. Founded by Mariska Majoor, an ex-prostitute herself, the PIC offers real and true information about sex work and the Red Light District. And although I don't work there, I can be frequently found at the PIC since it's one of my favorite places to be and also the home of the Dutch union of sex workers PROUD.

For more information regarding the tour or the PIC check out their website:
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